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AlfaPlus Semiconductor is a world leader in designing and developing low power, RF-SoC, and high quality wireless audio chipsets for use in wireless systems and products. We deliver the industry's best all CMOS, multiple channel, fully integrated, single chip 2.4GHz radio IC. Our low cost, high quality RF-SoCs and wireless audio chipsets enable wireless capabilities to a wide range of applications such as Home theater, digital home, wireless speakers, wireless headphones, Wireless Skype phone, home networking, home security, home health-care, automotive networks, Industrial networks, interactive toys, and remote metering markets.The company was founded in year 2002, in Hsinchu, Taiwan, specializing in ultra-low power 2.4GHz wireless chipset development and wireless Audio and Human Interfacing Device (HID) applications. It developed a complete CMOS RF chipset, module design technologies, multimedia digital sound optimization techniques, fault recovering and testing environment. It provides wireless solutions to a new generation of smart home, digital home, network television, wireless games, 3D glasses, medical sensing, IOT (Internet of Things) and IOP (Internet of People). Its product lines cover many innovative wireless end products, including digital audio, wireless home theater systems, wireless 4-in-1 multimedia, wireless headset, wireless video-Audio, wireless PC / iPod speaker sets.

ARF2496, ARF2498 series
2.4 GHz Wireless Transceiver Chip
Biomedical Field, Green Energy, Smart Home Networking, Human-Computer Interaction Applications
Recognition And Used By First Tier Companies
Lowest Power, Highest Yield

AWA8800, AWA8900 series
2.4 GHz Wireless Audio Single Chip
Home Theater, Wireless Audio, Video Games, Karaoke Applications
Recognition And Used By First Tier Companies
AWA8900 Is The World's First 5-In-1 Single-Chip, All-In-One Machine

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